The Advantages and Disadvantages of Working from Home

Our world today has drastically changed the way we think, act and perform daily activities. It seems like everything is in fast-forward. People want to be on the go, things to be done in an instant and everyone seems to be in a rush. This is the idea of our modern world. But to enjoy the advancements of this era, it is very necessary that each of us has the means to enjoy all the bits of life have to offer. And it is justifiable to say that, if we don’t have the means to spend, our life is boring, our mouth will be dry, our stomachs will grumble, and we sleep elsewhere. For us to survive, we seek for work. It is a necessity. For without it, we won’t be able to function well in our society. We cannot contribute and we will be invisible.

Over the years, our working habits and working styles have changed dramatically. From the ordinary 9 to 5 schedule, we stretched to the point where we only spend a quarter of our day at home, all spent to rest. The next day is the same routine for the rest of the year. But because of technology and the demand of online job, our work opportunities have been maximized. Whether we like it or not, each movement we make is a work done. Whether it is paid or not, we perform work.  But what is more appealing is to know is that with access to internet and a computer or a telephone, you can earn while you are at the comfort of your home. But what does this working style suggests? Here are some pros and cons that you may find interesting to read:

When you ask me about how I feel about working from home, I can cite a long list of the advantages that it gives me. But I will only point out the things that I think are the best to share.

working from home

1. I have flexibility with my time.

As long as I complete my task before deadline, I can do house chores, eat, exercise, watch television, especially if my job requires me to write, copy paste, and  alter photos in my computer. I can always work on my own pace, wherever, whenever.

2. I can wear anything I want.

I don’t need to dress up, paint my nails, put some make up and tidy my hair. I can even work while in bed, just when I woke up, sipping my cup of coffee and petting my cat beside me. This is something that I can probably just lounge all day long without worrying about what to wear and what colour of lipstick that suits my mood of the day.

3. I have more family time.

I have heard of a couple who gave up their normal jobs by working from home. They reckon it is the best way to balance family/work life. They can look after their children, spend more quality time with each other and earn at the safety of their home.

4. Saves petrol and additional expenses.

The reason why we work is we have bills to pay; electricity, water, phone, etc. We even have to work so we can pay the petrol we use to get to our workplace. Working from home saves petrol and the persuasive buying adhered to it. We know we can go anywhere with cars. So staying home and work is a good way to save up especially if we are in a tight budget.

5. No distractions. No stress.

When we are at home, unless we have not organized our other chores, we certainly have no distractions and stress from working with people whom we find hard to get along with. The only thing we are mindful of is our ability to perform and complete tasks. There is no competition. There is always privacy plus no gossips going on.

While working from home may seem an easy access especially to people who have young children to take care of, no car or have less confidence upon working with other people, there are as well some disadvantages about this working style.


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1. You are on your own!

If you love crowd, you love attention, this might not be the best working style for you. You have to be independent.

2. Possible lack of motivation.

While some introvert are oozed with motivating themselves because of their personality. People who are extrovert will find this very difficult. There is always motivation when you see the person you like in your workplace compared to solely facing the corners of your room, with your own computer and side table. Life for you may sometimes become boring and to get motivated, you have to find different ways to keep you going.

3. Messy working space.

Because you are in your own comfort zone, no one will clean after your work finishes like what companies do. You have to clean and organize your own mess and make sure that there is room to breathe. A messy workplace is not healthy and it will give you more distractions and becoming unmotivated.

4. Electric bills may go high.

You are always working on your computer, having to connect in an internet to be able to do work. This may not be a big deal but having to be using your own resource to get a job online like printing things, etc, would cost additional to your normal electric, phone bill. Unless the job is major and can cope up with your expenses, these may not be a reason for you to freak out when monthly bills come. It is still good to think that in working in a company, you get to use all its resources and go home without the hassle.

5. Professional growth.

This may seem so challenging for people who chose to work from home. Whilst working in the company, there is a big chance to be noticed and get promoted as competition is very high. You have to prove to the company that you are a gem and an asset to them. But working from home is something that is danger of becoming stagnated.

We all have different personalities. We have strengths and weaknesses. The choice of owning a job whether working from home or not is up to us. The thing is to know what are the good sides and bad sides in order for us to see growth. We may prefer to work in a real workplace and some of us may want isolation and work from home. Or some may want to work on both. After all, we work to survive, to become a better person, to change status, to meet friends. The decision is all yours.