The Most Important Settings to Update After Installing Wordpress

I’ve already told you about how to install WordPress. My today’s article is really very important and every WordPress reader must read it. I am going to tell you some important settings to make to your WordPress blog in order to get 100 percent from search engines.

Change Blog name and tagline

Click on General under Settings in the left hand side of WordPress dashboard and type your Blog Title and a good tagline (what is your blog about)

Permalink is a permanent link that points to a specific blog post. By default WordPress shows permalink that looks like www.your-domain-name/p=1234

The most important settings to update after installing WordpressI do not recommend to use this permalink because it is not search engine friendly. In order to make it search engine friendly, open WordPress dashboard and in the left hand side under Settings click on Permalinks.

In the custom settings, you are allowed to choose any one setting, you can select Day and Name, Month and name or Numeric, all are SEO friendly but I recommend to use the Custom Structure. Select the radio button beside Custom Structure and type the following code in the text box

Show your blog to Search Engines

In the WordPress dashboard, under Settings click on Privacy and put a tick on “I would like my blog to be visible to everyone, including search engines (like Google, Bing, Technorati) and archives” and click on Save Changes.

Change default admin name for security reasons

By default WordPress sets username as admin, this is a security factor. So it is better to change admin to something else. You can use this plugin called WordPress username changer to change user’s login username.

These were few changes to make after you install a new copy of WordPress. I hope you like this little article.