6 Tips for Improving Readability of Your Blog Posts

better writing What makes a great blog exceptional is improving the readability of it. People spend their entire days at work on the computer, only to return home to spend more time on it. Their eyes and their mind become fatigued over time. You can have great content on your blog, but is everyone reading every word? You want people to experience value for their time, but you don’t want to force them to read a 2000 word blog when they have a short attention span.

There are ways that you can break up the text, and make it become more legible. Here are 6 tips for improving readability of your blog posts.

1. The 500 word rule.

You may have a lot to say in 2000 words, but many people may only read the first 500 words. If you plan on including a lot of information than consider splitting up your article into two or more parts. There is also the additional benefit that it will draw people back to your blog, as they’ll want to learn more about your topic. Use space wisely. Adding more space improves readability.

2. Break it up into paragraphs.

We’ve all seen the blog posts that are one long continuous paragraph. It makes them hard to read. Generally, editors say split up your blog posts into paragraphs of 3 or 4 sentences.   Don't just put line breaks, use paragraph tags to separate the paragraphs properly. Just adding blank lines does not help. So there comes the next point.

3. Create headings.

People’s eyes usually skip down the article first, taking in the headings. If they create questions in the reader’s mind, they’ll go back to the top of the article and read it through. It also gives the mind a break after absorbing each valued point.  

4. Bullet points.

points Most blog interfaces, including Blogger and Wordpress, have a bullet point formatting tool. There’s no need to figure out how to do bullets on your keyboard as you can simply click the bullet button. You may not wish to have an entire article of bullet points, but having one or two small lists of advice will help the reader to implement this information into their life.  

5. Avoid too many keywords.

About three years ago Google started blocking blogs that were just long lists of keywords. And no one reads them anyway. If you have too many obvious keywords in your article, your readers will not come back. Fit your keywords and key phrases into your blog post naturally, and stick to 3 or 4, not used more than a couple of times each.  

6. Include photographs.

including photographs Everyone enjoys looking at photographs. For a 500 word article you can include one at the top of the page, and maybe two or three below. If you decide to do a photograph list, switch it up with an informative article the next time round. Some readers enjoy scrolling through the photos, while others enjoy articles. Cater to both markets.   A year later when you look back at your first blog post you’ll realize how unprofessional it looks. But you started a blog, and you have much to be proud about as you continue to provide informative and entertaining content to your readers.

Image credits: Christian Heilmann

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