How to Get Limitless Ideas for Blogging

Sometimes a situation comes when a Blogger runs out of ideas. Last time I shared some tips on how to get unlimited post ideas. After reading this article, if you are still lacking post idea then today I am going to tell you a simple way that will not only help you to write a wonderful post but you can also drive lots of unique visitors to your blog with that single post. There are people who are still contemplating should I start blogging just worry about getting ideas to blog. So here are the methods. Read on.

Before you start

Before you start reading this article I would like to tell you that

  • I’ve personally tried this trick and
  • It works for all niche blogs

What we are going to do

Let me explain this in one line, we will be writing a Top-10-List post. Now you will say that how you to get idea for the list post?. I’ll tell in the next section.

How to select a topic for list postHow to Get Limitless Ideas for Blogging

  • To get the topic for your list post, open your blog and start reading your blog from the last post.
  • Do not read the whole article but only the titles
  • While reading old blog posts, select a post that you’ve written on a specific topic like “Google Analytics: Best Plugin To Get Traffic Stats” or “Best Adsense Ready WordPress Theme” etc.
  • Now, after selecting a post, create a Top-10-List post for it like “Top 10 Plugins To Get Traffic Stats” or “Top 10 Adsense Ready WordPress Themes”.
  • Did you noticed, how I created a Top-10-List post from a single article. It really works.

In this way I got idea of writing a list post through one of my old article. Now coming to other part of this article

How to get traffic from Top-10-List postHow to Get Limitless Ideas for Blogging

  • Keep in mind one thing that Top-10-List posts gets highly noticed on social media sites like Digg, Twitter and Stumble Upon
  • If you’ve a good network of friends on these sites then submit your Top-10-List post
  • If your network is strong then you will surely get huge traffic

In this way you can write an article when you run out of ideas. What do you do when you run out of ideas?