How to Use Wordpress as a CMS

You might come across hundreds of websites as soon as you start browsing. But it very less likely that all of them are capable enough to attract you back. Whereas, some websites are so well maintained that every time you can navigate through them, you are bound to experience professional feel. Ever thought who is behind this managing the website so well time to time? Well, it is not always a big web managing company doing this, it can be any normal person like you constructing and adding web pages with the help of few proficient web tools. In other words, no matter if you are a newbie or an experienced web user, if you really want to establish an effectual influence online then you have to get most efficient tools at hand.

One such tool, which can make your website look more sorted and attractive, is content management system. On one hand where most of us depend on professionals to get the web content and web pages up dated and posted an easy to handle and use CMS like Wordpress can let you do all modifications within seconds. This is the major reason why web managers from various parts of the world use it to have their web portals updated.

Why choose Wordpress over other CMS options?

[caption id="attachment_78” align="alignleft” width="474”]wordpress cms popularity source: [/caption]Many people know Wordpress as a popular blogging platform; however, there is much more than blogging that you can do with its help. Though, there are various CMS systems to choose from, what makes Wordpress an appropriate choice is:


A good CMS is very easy to work with; Wordpress is among the oldest web tools, which can be installed in few minutes. And being an open source, it can be modified according to the user’s needs and website requirements.

Wide customization

Many platforms like Drupal and Joomla have various options to allow the users experiment and enhance the appeal of their web portals, but there is hardly any platform that can compete with Wordpress’s customization options. Wordpress users can have access over numerous and handful of plugins and themes options to make their web portal latest and outstanding.

SEO friendly

Wordpress is a search engine friendly tool, allowing the users to tag their articles or posts. Whereas, this can be difficult task to carry out in CMS like Joomla.

Full management, one tool

The success of Wordpress as a CMS tool is not just because of its extensibility and simplicity. A major number of people prefer it because with Wordpress at hand, you really need not look to install any other software for your web management needs. It is possible that being an amateur, one would not make much use out of wordpress, but the more you try and work with it you would be able to have a better grip over web space. The social media integration, ping away (that activates all the major web services upon posting any new post), multisite, intelligent text formatting are few other facilities that make Wordpress a more favorable pick.

How to convert your wordpress website in to a complete CMS?

In order to use wordpress CMS, you would first need to transform the blogger design of Wordpress into a CMS platform. Transforming Wordpress into a CMS is not very difficult and a major part of its efficiency lies on the kind of modification possible through plugins, and customizable themes.

The advantage of Wordpress comes in handy as you start evolving your website. You can start with a minimal set (a few pages, header menu and side bar widgets) and keep adding plugins that will grow your CMS website.


One of the first need for a community website is to have a place to have discussions and have the users be able to raise their questions. You can easily add a forum to your wordpress site. Here are the popular forum plugins for wordpress:

Content Management

The content management requirements grow when you have a number of authors and a process to publish content in your website. In this area as well, there are a number of plugins for your help.

User Management

User management is another important area of any CMS. Wordpress default user management is good enough for most small websites. When you grow, and when you need more features, there are plugins available for better user management too.

Whether you are building an online magazine or a webstore, you can build it on top of wordpress. There are options available for any type of website. The best of all, you can start from small and build step by step.