How to Make Your Own Website Using Wordpress

Wordpress is an open source blogging tool that offers easy-to-develop websites as it runs on a web hosting service. This tool was released on May 27, 2003 and significantly made success in providing people better options to own a website. In fact, as of the first quarter of 2014, its newest versions were found to be downloaded more than 20 million times. The success of Wordpress traces back from its features of human-friendly options, even a teenager can learn. From a simple blog software, it now became a one-stop resource in making a website. If you are thinking of owning a website through Wordpress, here are the steps to take:

What You Need to Prepare

  1. A Good Domain Name – The domain name is your website’s identity. It is good to make it unique and easy to remember by keeping it short, simple and easy to spell. For example, may be better than Also, never ever use trademark words as you can get legal problems with it. Last but not the least, your name should be available. Do this by simply typing the address on your browser.

  2. Website Hosting Service – Website hosting is a service that provides people with servers so they can manage their own website. In simpler sense, they are like real estate properties who offer vacant lots for commercial or residential use. You need to find a website hosting service so you can build your website according to your preferred space.

  3. Wordpress – Wordpress can be downloaded via your website hosting service. This may seem too technical for you but do not worry, it is actually simple. By means of manual install, you only have to see the instruction from your website hosting service. Download the free WordPress version on the official website of Wordpress and upload the files to your website hosting service. Next, go to your domain and follow the installation guide.

Configuring Wordpress

  1. Once Wordpress is successfully downloaded, you are now ready to configure the settings. Just go to the ‘Dashboard’ option located on the left panel and go to ‘Settings’ then to ‘General’. Change your tagline to whatever you want. Of course, it has to suit your website’s purpose.

  2. You can also change your profile by means of editing your personal information. It is good to know that your screen name can be different from your log-in username. To do this, go to your profile and edit your name.

  3. To make it more search-engine visible, you can also set the permalink. The Permalink will allow the keywords to appear on the address bar instead of just symbols and numbers.

  4. Other configuration options include removing or changing the ‘About’ Page, uploading images, replacing sidebars and many more. All these can be easily done by the user-friendly interface of Wordpress.

Wordpress do not need any programming skills; it just needs a thorough understanding of how it is used. There are people who were able to build their own website by simply trying the function of each option. You can do that too. The important thing is that you can build your website according to your preferences.