How to create a music website

music websiteAdvances in technology allow independent artists to promote their own music without the help of a record company. A new musician can distribute their own material on a website or blog, whilst garnering a loyal fan base in the process. A knowledge of HTML principles can be beneficial in creating a website for this purpose, although musicians have also kick-started their careers by posting music on social networking platforms. Here are some tips on how to create a music website, with options which allow the general public to purchase your tracks.

1. Build an effective website to promote your music

You can build a website to promote your music if you have a basic grasp of HTML, and you will be able to upload any content on your own server. Choose a company which offers web hosting for a competitive price, and make use of a price comparison website which will list a number of different companies who offer this service on one page side-by-side, saving you the time and hassle of obtaining a quote from several different web hosting companies individually. You could even choose a service which offers free web hosting, although you may have to incorporate advertising into your site in exchange. Although using a social network to promote your music may be easier, especially if the platform allows you to choose from a number of different templates in order to create your page, hosting your own website with advertising can generate a significant income if the website or blog becomes popular. Advertise your music on a forum with members who are a fan of your genre of music.

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2. Choose a domain for your website

The domain name that you will choose for your website is one of the most important steps in self-promotion. A domain name which is relevant to your website, or the genre of the music that you want to post, can improve the search engine optimization of the site, increasing the ranking of your page on search engine listings. This is important as you'll want to attract as many music lovers as possible to your site; the more inbound traffic you garner, the greater the likelihood that people will listen to your music and become a fan of your work. A good domain name will make it easier for your fans to find your tracks, and should include the name of the band or artist you are trying to promote. Use a domain auction website to find the best name for your particular needs.

3. Customize your website

music websiteInclude as much original content in your website as you can and keep it frequently updated. Include the process behind recording the tracks, as well as detailed information about the musicians or vocalists that were used to comprise the recording. You will also need to include a link to a platform where people can purchase your music from, such as iTunes or Amazon. Use a widget that can be incorporated into your website which allows your users to stream and preview your tracks, as well as providing a direct download link to the material. These widgets should be used within the body of your website or blog, and posted next to a large image of artwork for your single or album, which you can create on editing software such as Adobe Photoshop.

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