How to Block Websites (Chrome, Firefox or any browser)

You may need to block a website for any number of reasons. This could be a way of enforcing self discipline as a result of a decision you had made or even protecting your children from accessing inappropriate material on the internet. Well, whatever your reasons may be, you can still block a website from all the web browsers on your computer such that regardless of the browser that is being used, the site will still be blocked. There are a couple of steps that you are needed to follow in order to achieve this so read on and find out how you can do this on your own.

The ‘hosts’ file Trick

Blocking a website involves editing the Host file on your computer. Well, as a form of explanation, the host file is simply a file that is used by the computer to find information on the location of nodes on a computer network. Start your notepad with Administrator Privileges. This is because you are editing a system file. open notepad as admin Accessing the host file involves browsing to the root> Windows> System32 > drivers > etc folder where root refers to the drive on which your operating system has been installed on. Open the hosts file with notepad in order to edit it. open the hosts file

block-a-website Once you have opened the file, locate the line “::1 localhost” and place your cursor at the very bottom of the file. Press enter in order to start typing on a new line and enter “” where in this case refers to the site you wish to block. You can add as many domains as you wish but remember to place each on a new line in the hosts file. Once you have made the appropriate changes, make sure that you save the file. In case you do not have the appropriate permissions to make the changes, go to the properties of the file and include yourself as a user with access to the file.

Get parental control software

On a mac, the procedure is almost the same except that in this case, the hosts file is located in etc/hosts. The rest of the method is almost the same involving typing each domain on a different line. Alternatively, you can make use of some of the parental software available in order to take control of internet access. With parental software, you have more control over internet access and it is much easier than having to delve into your file system and changing things around.

Some of the most popular parental control software include net nanny, webwatcher and mcAfee Safe Eyes. Having a parental control software makes sure that all the web activities are watched closely and offensive materials blocked. This is a very good way of protecting children from offensive materials that they may come across on the internet. The applications can be installed on all the major platforms very easily and are also easy to use. With just a relatively small investment, you can have the peace of mind that sites you do not wish to be accessed stay so. They are easy to use, cross platform and very affordable so you can’t afford to dismiss them. knowing how to block a website, you can take back control over internet access immediately. The following links will be useful:

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