Guest Blogging Tutorial

In the blog traffic series, today I am going to tell you how you can drive traffic to your blog through Guest Blogging. I am also going to give you some tips on writing a killing guest post, I’ll tell you some benefits of guest blogging. If you’ve a young blog then this article is must for you. Lets start :

Guest Blogging TutorialWhat is Guest Blogging

OK, I’ll define Guest Blogging in one sentence, “it is a concept in which we write an article on some other blogs of the same niche

Why every blogger should start Guest Blogging

If you’re still thinking the benefits of guest blogging then let me tell you one thing that writing a guest post is always a win-win situation, it means that you will have nothing to loose but all to gain.

Apart from fruit juice, Bloggers are always fond of link juice, to get a lot of backlinks to your site there  is no other better option than guest blogging. Links generated through guest blogging are of high quality and holds much importance in terms of SEO.

Lots of visitors

If you write guest posts consistently, you will surely get high traffic. This is another reason why I recommend guest blogging.


I my previous article I told you about the importance of network, with the help of guest blogging, you can easily create a network of friends.


Guest posting allows you to increase your subscribers and we know that subscribers are our regular readers. To get regular readers to your blog, guest blogging is very very important.

Few things to consider before writing a guest post

Before writing a guest post, there are few things that you must keep in your mind and they are :

Select a blog to write guest post on :

If you’ve a list of few blogs to write a guest post, first select a particular blog and then move further.

Explore that blog :

Before writing, explore the blog you’ve selected and make sure the content you’re writing is not already written in the past. If this is so, then there are three things you can do :

  • Change the article
  • Select another blog
  • Open that article and read it thoroughly, now add more points to your existing article and give link to already written article. You can write that “In the last post admin gave few tips on playing football but he left few points and I am gonna cover up those…

Avoid latest news articles :

While writing a guest post avoid latest news articles, it is good if you share your own experience or write a good “how to” article.

Writing a successful guest post

Guest Blogging TutorialTry to write unique content :

It is recommended to cover those points in a blog niche that never been written. This will increase readers interest and your article will be remembered for a long time.

Do not ever give your affiliate links in the guest post and avoid self promotional links. Always add links that are relevant to the post and blog niche.

Reply to comments :

If you’ve written any guest blog, make sure you reply to the comments asked by other readers. Doing this will help you creating a bridge between you and readers and those readers will eventually turn into your daily visitors.

Write original :

Do not copy content from one site and paste it in another, this is no way a guest blogging. If you lack post ideas what you do is, open any popular blog in your niche, open its popular articles and read user comments. If user has asked any question, try writing on it. Simple!

Do interlink post that are related to your article. Click here to read more about Interlinking.

Promote your guest post :

Yes! you should promote your guest post after writing it. Share it on Twitter and Facebook. Doing this will help you in easily approving future guest posts on that blog.

This was a little about Guest Blogging, I’ll surely write more about it in my future articles. Keep reading and commenting.