Top 5 CSS design framerworks

Want to know what the top 5 CSS design frameworks are? We’ve got you covered. First, a short explanation: a framework is any practice, set of concepts and criteria that can be applied to a digital problem that many have faced. Also, a great framework can be used as reference material for those who’re looking to fix a reoccurring problem with their project. For front-end frameworks, which are often associated with CSS, users have to create a “package” composed of JS documents, CSS and other forms of code. So what are the top 5 CSS design frameworks we’ve come across?

1. For simple frameworks, use the 1140 CSS Grid

The 1140 CSS Grid works perfectly with 1280 monitors, which is the most commonly used monitor resolution to this day. For monitors that are smaller then this, 1140 CSS Grid easily adapts the display and ensures that content retains a smooth and responsive feel. When it reaches a size it can no longer scale to (such as mobile), media queries kick in. This means that you no longer have to design for certain screen size making this perhaps one of the simplest if not best frameworks there is and one that deserves its place as one of the top 5 CSS design frameworks.

2. Responsive Grid System for responsive websites

grids Here’s another that deserves its spot as one of the top 5 CSS design frameworks. Responsive design can be hard for some CSS coders to crack out, that’s why this, the Responsive Grid System is so darn useful. It’s made for the mobile first, full-blown sites second and easily clears floats, approaches box-sizing for easy additional padding and is under a kilobyte in size.

3. Toast – easiest layouts ever

With this twelve-column design, layouts become as easy as pie. The responsive gird let’s you add borders and padding without potentially breaking anything within your perfectly balanced code. That alone makes Toast worth the download: namely its stability.

4. Bootstrap – powerful yet manageable web development

Bootstrap is an incredibly powerful front-end framework that manages to take the load of any web developer. The entire affair is managed through Github as well, which means that it’s a literal paradise for any developer looking to easily incorporate it into their projects. There is so much information for Bootstrap as well, and thousands of plug-ins for it. For something that’s free, Bootstrap could easily charge cash money for its myriad uses.

5. Skeleton - for the mobile developer who needs more

responsive websitesMobile development no longer has to be a chore with Skeleton. This boilerplate app has a few powerful CSS files that ensure rapid development for mobile sites. If you want to develop a project for anything from an iPad to a MacBook Pro screen (and PC as well), then Skeleton may just be your best bet. Before you plunge into a framework, just realize that it does have a slower learning curve as opposed to creating the code yourself. The content itself may also appear dissimilar to the original work, but these are all issues that developers are willing to take, as it does ultimately speed up any project. And those are our top 5 CSS design frameworks that should increase your capabilities.

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