How to Create a Lookbook on Your Website

lookbookA lookbook is a very powerful marketing tool commonly used by various retail businesses to display product or services to their customers and create buzz about a particular brand. During the holidays, creating a lookbook is more beneficial to businesses in several ways. For instance, it is one of the best marketing materials; it is also good in announcing new collections in the store and so on. Using a lookbook seems much easier, but creating one can be a daunting task. So, how can you design a lookbook on your website? The following tips can be useful to you if you are planning to create one for your website.

1. Start with a good plan

lookbook designAs a businessperson, you are well informed that all successful decisions you make for the business is as a result of having a good plan. Before creating a lookbook, try to think of some reasons why you need to have it, how you will use or distribute it and how it will increase your Return On Investment. Plan very well, whether you need the lookbook to feature your new products if you have any, and explain your custom services. Planning what to include or not to include in the lookbook is very critical and ideal thing to do.

2. Choose the right design software

If you have not installed a Photoshop full version in your computer system, or hiring a professional designer is beyond your means, then fret not. There are so many online applications and shareware, which can help you, create your lookbook. Examples include, and can help you in creating your lookbook free of charge. These websites have a User Manual to help you in the process of creating your desired lookbook. However, if you have full knowledge of any of these software, it will be easier for you to design your lookbook much easily and faster. The right design software allows you to set UP your files according to the required and desired format.

3. Sketching ideas for your page layout

wireframe design sketchYou can easily sketch thumbnails more quickly than just doing simple mock ups on your computer. Start by sketching how you like your page layout to look like through paper and pencil before taking it to the screen of your computer system, and this basic idea will definitely save you a lot of time. At this point, the content to be included is not important, think about where to place your page title, images, and paragraphs. Sketching your page layout will also give you an idea of the size of lookbook you want to design.

4. Designing your lookbook

lookbookThis is the critical moment to start designing your catalogue information. To start, you need to gather product information and then write a product copy (text), which is fresh and unique for your lookbook, set up and then shoot some of your product photography if necessary. The photos to include should be fresh and some should also feature in your website page.

In conclusion, these great tips can give a good head start on designing a great lookbook on your website if properly put into much consideration. One thing that you should also know is that the type of product or services you offer on your site determines a lot on how to create a lookbook on website. Once you have setup the lookbook, you need to promote your website. Here are a couple of links with great info: How to Build a Great Online Fashion Brand, ways to promote a new fashion label online

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