Choosing the color scheme for your next website

Color wields enormous influence within our emotions and attitudes.

There is no denying that the connection between emotions and colours: in actuality, the human race was mimicking the emotional effect of color as the Middle Ages. Obviously, any web designer wishes to exploit this too, since the ideal colors produce the ideal moods and air for your website.

For example consider the following colors as primary color base for your next design: Coyote Brown Army Green Dark brown

What will the the emotion that the first look will create in the user?

Color psychology really is a branch of the wider field of behavioural psychology. Suffice it to state that it is a fairly complex area. Some skeptics are dismissive of the entire area of colour psychology, on account of the problem of analyzing concepts. My research on this issue, since this report communicates, lacks scientific proof to back up each claim. But that there's no reason to dismiss the deep and unarguable impact that color has on individuals. Please be aware that different cultures across the globe perceive colors differently. We explain psychological associations which are most applicable to Western civilizations. The most arousing color, red is so pleasing it's been used to boost blood flow. Representing fire and electricity, red is the colour that will draw the most attention, and that's why it's widely used for warnings and important notices.

Red is quite suitable for the No Way NSA site, whose purpose will be calling alert to some perceived danger from the NSA. Employing red in the initial section of this single-page website is particularly smart since it requires attention to the main message whilst physiologically causing individuals to"get out of their risk zone” by scrolling . This, of course makes information is engaged with by the consumer. Background color similarly influences the emotional aspect. For example: White, off white or gray color gives a serious tone to the website.