The Importance of Capturing Leads From Your Website

lead generation form It is important for website owners to realize that a lot of traffic means nothing if it doesn’t increase the conversion rates (sales) of a site. It doesn’t matter if a site is attracting traffic for advertising revenue only. Such sites must convince advertisers (who are the leads) that it is worthwhile placing ads on the site. In summary, capturing leads offers webmasters numerous opportunities to engage and sell products and services. This is the essence of e-commerce sites. There are very many ways of ensuring that your site captures leads. Below are 4 effective tips to consider when you want your site to capture the most leads.

1. Identify the persona of your ideal buyer

Before you consider popular ways of capturing leads like including web forms for visitors to feel, determine who your ideal buyer is. This should be the first thing you consider when you want to design a sight that is super effective in generating leads. The entire process of generating leads doesn't have to be concentrated in the web design process.

Although your e-commerce site may cater to all kinds of buyers, you need to identify the persona of your most profitable and loyal buyer to generate concrete leads. Your web design process should be centered around your ideal buyer to attract other ideal buyers and less of the buyers you don’t want. Read More here: Introduction to buyer personas

2. Uncover the questions and problems of your ideal buyer

lead generation formThis is another important tip to consider when you want to ensure your site captures the most leads. You must consider asking yourself the questions your potential buyers are asking to be able to offer ideal solutions. Websites with the highest conversion rates have perfected answering all the questions potential leads might have.

The sites also strive to solve the problems of potential leads which is precisely why the sites stand out. Identifying the questions and problems of your ideal buyer puts you in a unique position to offer exactly what they need. This makes your site extremely useful which results in repeat leads.

3. Map the personal buying process with your sales process

Since you already know who your ideal buyer is and their problems, the next step is figuring out how your ideal buyer makes purchasing decisions. You can do this by simply reviewing your last 10 ideal customers to figure out the steps they followed that made them buy from your site. There are very many web analytic tools that can help you find such information. Your focus should be making the buying process of your ideal buyer as exciting and simple as possible.

4. Designing for lead generation

This is the last and most important step to consideration when you are focused on effective lead generation. This step involves putting all the above steps/considerations together. Websites with the highest conversion rates are designed for lead generation after considering exactly what the ideal buyer wants and dedicating the web design process to offering that and more. There are many things to consider when designing a site for lead generation. For instance, you should make web forms for collecting the contact information of your site visitors. You can then contact your site visitors later for promotions, engaging them, surveying e.t.c.The site should also be easy to navigate to make the buying process seamless. If your website is a plain vanilla HTML site designed in Dreamweaver, look for some Dreamweaver form code. On the other hand, if your website is built in an Advanced CSM like Wordpress, you have option to build forms in Wordpress too.

Although there is more to lead generation than what is discussed above, website owners shouldn’t have a problem increasing their leads after implementing the above tips. Further Reading: