How to build a photography website

photography websites Photography is a passion, a talent and an addiction and if you have the ability, you may as well turn that passion into potential income. The foremost thing you need to do in order to set up a business is to build a photography website that displays your portfolio and in such a way that the clients get enticed by every inch of it. Your site will act like a virtual shop and your snaps will speak about your credibility as a photographer. Not only do you spread your hands in the competitive market but also build up an online reputation that works like a magic. Most people scratch their head over the fact, what type of website to create and how to do it? Well, here’s a precise guide on how to go about the deal.

HTML or a Flash website?

The so called FLASH websites have a type of animated presentation that is quite attractive and appealing. Considering the fact that you are building up a photography website, this may sound professionally great. But wait! Is it so? The fact that search engines don’t like coded websites due to difficulty in seeing through; a flash website may not be a good idea for a beginner. Rather one should build up an HTML website, gain traffic, rank it high and then think about creating a flashy one. WordPress is undeniably the topmost platform to start with.

Domain name and website hosting

A domain name plays a big role in attracting potential customers. It should be short, simple and easy to memorize. Say for example, sounds better than, as the latter is long and sounds complicated with a name (XYZ) attached to it.

Domain names are available at a very cheap annual rate of as less as $10; that’s even less than dollar a month. Once you have registered the domain, you need to stack up the content on your website and to help you with that; you would need a website host. It’s recommended opting for a host service with a fast server and 99% uptime. Make sure to avoid free hosting services, as they won’t give you complete control over the site and the website looks unprofessional too. You can acquire the services of a self hosted website for less than 5$ a month.

Installing WordPress themes and plugins

wordpress Web hosts offer one click installation of WordPress; the asset that defines the internal structure of your website. There are lots of attractive themes to choose from; out of which DeepFocus and Photocrati are popular.

Apart from the themes, you would also require the SEO tools to get your site ranked high as soon as possible. One of the best SEO plug-ins the category is the All-in-one SEO pack, which automatically optimizes the page headings, shows up the Google Analytics, avoids any duplicity and is perfect for a beginner.

On the other hand, social media can never be kept out of the equation and hence that evokes the call for an awesome plug-in like WP Social. Not only does this integrate easily but also automatically adds the twitter meta, Google+ and Facebook Open graph.

The rule of thumb says, If people like your work, they will share and the more they share, the more customers you will gain!