How to build the best content for your website

If you already have your own website or are looking to get one up and running then in addition to the layout and eye-catching design, one thing to never overlook is the content. Many people think that once they have a person on their site that this is all the need, however there are many reasons a person may land on your page and then leave right away without even taking the chance to see what you have on offer. There are a few things you should know before adding or adapting content on your site to ensure that you receive quality visits and higher search engine ranking.



Tried and tested methods

Research into what has been proven to work is the best way of ensuring you are able to provide the best content to your website visitors. The first thing you will want to do is make sure people know how to find you, the best way to do this is by making your sites structure suit search engines. This is of course how most people find what they are looking for and should start with how your site is mapped out. You could have the most impressive looking website in the world, but without visitors from search engines the chances are it will be pretty deserted. Good research is one of the main ingredient of great content


Using indexing will ensure that people looking for specific items within the website can do so quickly and easily. Using links is another great way to link one page to another and to any blogs or social networking pages you may have too! Don’t assume everyone is as computer savvy as one another so make the site easy to navigate especially if you are looking to target a general audience.

Keyword research

Don’t neglect keyword research as this is going to help you to get noticed and lead potential visitors to your site. It is important to keep your keywords relevant rather than just using keywords you think will be popular such as using the word ‘free’ if everything on your site has a price tag. research-writing Using main keywords is usually the way people attract others to their homepage, the longer keywords are usually saved for other pages deeper into the site. Look into your content research resources to ensure they match your vision.

Check out your competition

The chances are your site will be selling at least one item or have a similar niche to another. Look at other sites that are already up and running and make a list of the pro’s and cons of each. Look at where they have failed to ‘learn from their mistakes’. If their navigation is poor, the content is keyword loaded and doesn’t make sense then think of how your visitors would feel if they entered you page. They would more than likely leave pretty fast right onto the site of a competitor that put the work into creating their site. Have a look on review sites too! They are a great way to find out exactly what the customer wants and more importantly don’t want to avoid making the same mistakes once your own site is up and running. What your site visitors say is just as important as any other type of advertising whether off or online, but why wait for them to point out a problem if you can foresee it before going live or making adaptations to your existing site.

Further research

Your research doesn’t have to stop with other websites and keywords, utilize resources other content creators may not have such as your local library or bookshop. Use forums to see how others are getting on and pick up hints and tips that have worked successfully for them. Also see 18 tools for better content

Ensure you know your stuff

There’s nothing more off-putting than visiting a site for more information that knows less than you already know, especially when the information is incorrect. It shows lack of professionalism and shows that the person adding content to the site has not taken the time to research the subject or products they wish to sell or educate you about.


outsource-writing Any one person trying to design their own website, add content, any animation as well as structure keywords for best optimization is going to be burned out at the very least, which is why outsourcing the work to freelancers can be an ideal way to share out the workload. Fiverr has lots of freelancers with a whole range of skills and qualifications that will offer the skills for just $5.

How does it work?

Freelancers advertise a set amount of work in different niche’s such as article writing, logo design, web content and much more for a set fee. This makes it easier for hirers to be able to keep track of their budget and get an idea before hiring anyone as to how much the whole venture is going to cost. If there is anything you think you have missed then you know that you can always visit Fiverr and find a freelancer or freelancers to help at a cost you can afford.

Get a strangers opinion before going live

Will the people you know really tell you the truth about your website or will they try to gloss over problems to make you feel better? By using Fiverr you can have the opinion of people from different walks of life, or in your specific niche to see what they think before you go live. This is a cheap way to make any adaptations to your site before finding out later what people think on review sites after your reputation is ruined. What may read well to you, could be confusing to others so having more than one person check out your website will ensure that all visitors are able to comprehend what they read and are able to find exactly what they want with ease no matter their previous computer skills.